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Caffle microbrewery is in a building with a varied past. The school was built in 1845, extended in 1873 and in our opinion the most important pupil was Chris' grandmother who attended until she was 14 when she left to go into service in 1925. The school closed in 1977 and was given a new lease of life in1988  by Chris and Sharon who converted into an outdoor pursuits centre.


With just over two months solid effort to create a brewery, beer store, dry store and small social space it is the start of a new adventure at the school making cask and bottle conditioned beer.


The Ingredients:


Water- Tasty water in Wales is used in all our beers and all waste water is treated by reed and willow beds

Barley - Once all the worthy goodness has been extracted a local egg producer is able to have all his lovely ladies dine in style

Hops - Plenty of research (consuming pleasures) has gone into the choice of hops we use and once their flavours are transferred they make great compost

(our Christmas trees smell lovely). Homegrown green hops have gone into our green hop ales and now we have other people growing them as well - in exchange for beer!



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